Can Jeff Bezos Really ‘Crush’ Ethereum By Shutting Down AWS? And in turn DeFi?

Questions on the decentralized nature of Ethereum and DeFi have been raised again. This time Bitcoin proponent Anthony Pompliano is the one asking an “honest question.”

Can uncle Jeff (Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos) shut down most of the Ethereum-based DeFi apps by “simply shutting off” the cloud computing service AWS (Amazon Web Services) or not?

“How many of DeFi projects do you think are actually decentralized right now? Is it 100%? 50%?” further asked Pomp.

According to the 2019 report from Chainstack, the top ten cloud hosting providers amount to a total of 57% Ethereum nodes, out of which AWS accounts for 25%.

Also, “Just because a frontend is hosted on AWS does not mean it can be shut down. The smart contracts can still be interacted with. This is literally the entire point of blockchains,” pointed out Spencer Noon, head of the crypto fund DTC Capital.


Although, as Camilla Russo of Defiant said, “Ethereum nodes could definitely be more decentralized,” it needs to be noted that “just because something isn’t the case today doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.”

Moreover, “Most Bitcoin nodes also run on AWS…Because most servers of all kinds run on AWS,” said Eric Voorhees, CEO of crypto exchange ShapeShift.

However, like @gruble of Blockstream, one can always argue that the “difference is Ethereum needs AWS. You don’t need a $300/mo instance to run a Bitcoin node, thanks to the block size limit. Bezos could crush Ethereum.”

Not all DeFi projects are completely decentralized, as we most recently saw in the KuCoin hack case when more than 10 cryptocurrency projects froze the stolen funds and did the token swaps.

But some are working hard towards that goal, such as popular DEX Uniswap, the dominant DeFi application which has been growing like crazy. One might think if the government arrested the project creator Hayden Adams, it could be shut down.

But that isn’t really the case as Adams clarify,

“It’s an immutable smart contract on Ethereum. I have no ability to turn it off If you’re talking about frontends there are ~50 independent ones Plenty of volume is on-chain and doesn’t go through any frontend I could try tweeting “can everyone please stop trading” though.”


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