Fetch.AI Integrated LINK Price Feeds To Boost Its Digital Economy

Fetch.AI integrated LINK Price Reference Data feeds to help boost its digital economy and to carry out complex coordination tasks in today’s economy. In our latest chainlink news, we are reading more about the integration. integrated, link, chainlink

The Cambridge-based artificial intelligence lab Fetch.AI is now working on an open-access decentralized machine learning network for smart infrastructure as per the announcement yesterday where they said they have completed a mainnet integration of Chainlink’s price feeds. As the most widely used oracle network, Chainlink’s price reference data will allow the users to verify the price of assets that are on-chain while enhancing security against potential price manipulation.’s network is based on open-source technology and gives users access to the power of the AI in a dataset that will be able to carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy.

The company also created a decentralized network to create the infrastructure that is required for the AI-driven autonomous software agents which usually perform hard economic work on behalf of businesses, individuals, and organizations. With the “agent-based system” there will be an environment created where digital representatives of the moving parts of the economy like the data, people, infrastructure, and services can simply carry out complex coordination tasks in the modern economy itself.ADVERTISEMENT integrated LINK because of Chainlink’s oracle network in order to provide valuable access to real-world economic currency and commodity price data. The upcoming developments include development, enhancement and deployment of real-world applications in finance, logistics, mobility, and IoT ecosystem which rely on the decentralized oracle network to connect the physical world with the digital one. CEO of Fetch.aI Humayun Sheikh said:

 â€œBy integrating Chainlink into the network, we are taking the necessary steps needed to further couple real-world data with autonomous software.”

He added that the developments will speed up the adoption of the company’s autonomous software agents and will provide the necessary information for them to communicate with more real-life scenarios. Chainlink’s price reference data will be used to provide insight into gold, silver, and much more via the commodities derivatives trading platform powered by the company. Chainlink’s trustless data feed for stock markets, crypto, and more will permit adjacent markets to those that exist currently to surface:

 â€œBy referencing Chainlink’s price feeds on assets and commodities such as Gold and Silver we will be able to enhance the relationship between traders on Mettalex’s first of its kind commodities exchange.”


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