GASUTRADE Review: The Outstanding Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

What is Gasutrade

Founded and registered in Europe and acknowledged that it was very crucial to get clients to trust cryptocurrencies exchanges. That’s why Gasutrade has developed links with Swiss banks. It was also the fastest rising crypto exchange listed on the Bloomberg Terminal (a tool used worldwide by bankers).

Gasutrade has become a platform that investors can trust!

Supported Countries

All citizens in Europe should use Gasutrade. There are constraints for all typical countries in terms of overseas customers. Gasutrade can not be used by the citizens of the following countries : Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran , Iraq, North Korea and Tajikistan.In reality, Gasutrade is very flexible in its approach towards foreign customers and Gasutrade can be used by most people of the world

Is Gasutrade Safe?

Since it has never been hacked, Gasutrade is one of the safest exchanges on the internet. Gasutrade, for example, state that:

“95% of all deposits are kept in offline, air-gapped, geographically distributed cold storage. We keep full reserves so that you can always withdraw immediately on demand”

Gasutrade has its own security team as well as a bug bounty, should a third party detect an attack, to ensure the protection of all these systems. Overall, Gasutrade is one of the best platforms to trade on and has proved its stability with its long safety track record.

Provided that it has never been hacked before, and that they take safety very seriously, Gasutrade is a stable trade-in exchange. They are one of the most promising trading volume exchanges in the US and EU and it is generally accepted that their volume reporting is reliable. 

One study concluded that, “Gasutrade was the cleanest exchange we found with these current algorithms at over 99%”  Cryptocurrency Transparency Institute

How Does Gasutrade Make Money?

Through charging fees for people to exchange cryptocurrencies on their website, Gasutrade makes profit. Generally, a small percentage of your trade is charged as a fee when you make a trade. This is how money is made by nearly all exchanges.

Gasutrade PROS

Why do you want Gasutrade for this?

  • Low payments fee, maximum at 0.26%
  • A very high level of trade to boost liquidity
  • Eight major cryptocurrencies are traded: MONA/USDT; KCS/USDT; LSK/USDT; XRP/USDT; WAVES/USDT; DAI/USDT; KAVA/ USDT; OMG/USDT
  • To answer all of your queries, 24/7 customer service

The Gasutrade exchange satisfies all the above criteria for margin trading and available future trading. The company is listed in cryptocurrencies exchanges in the top five emerging developers in 2019, with the cumulative number of trades on a single day reaching US dollars 15 million.

Gasutrade CONS

Support to consumers. There is weak consumer service for various trading sites, one of which is Gasutrade. It seems, though, that the business is trying its best to develop it.

Short Tip: It’s important to note that crypto exchanges aren’t banks. It’s not a business they want to be! If you have a problem, there isn’t a phone number you can dial or a building you can head to. You are alone! That is why you can take advantage of wallets that are the most stable.

Who is Gasutrade Best for?

I would recommend Gasutrade for beginners because the ease of use of user interface. But you are a professional trader, you can find a lot of advance feature for your investment.

Although some cryptocurrency exchanges are restricted, a very extensive platform is Gasutrade. It allows margin trading and short selling for users. These functionality will really be appreciated by more experienced users.


Now that you’ve read this Gasutrade review, it’s a comprehensive and slightly frustrating platform that you can grasp. Gasutrade, however, provides great features for both newcomers and more professional customers, as well as low fees, reliability and security.

You should know that Gasutrade is one of the best choices you can find if you’re searching for the most recommended cryptocurrency trading site.

We should learn from each other! Let me know what you think!

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