GRAYSCALE has a cumulative AUM of $7.0 billion and offers an overview of cryptocurrencies

As indicated by their latest update, Pioneer in Digital Currency Investments currently focuses on only a few cryptocurrencies.

As you know, on October 9, at 449,596 BTC, GRAYSCALE made the largest investment so far in Bitcoin. However, this investment firm not only focuses on Bitcoin but all digital currencies in general, which are an attractive investment asset for them.

An UPDATE was recently released by the company where AUM, Holdings per Share, Day Transition, OTC Symbol, Market Price per Share can be seen.

Barry Silbert, the creator of GRAYSCALE, is persuaded of Bitcoin’s potential and said that Bitcoin could fundamentally transform our conceptions of currency, value shop, and the means through which assets are exchanged worldwide.


But let us also remember other public investment firms that have invested extensively in Bitcoin recently. CoinShares ranks second with 69,730 BTC and MicroStrategy in the third position with 38,250 BTC, according to the figures that concentrate on how many Bitcoins these companies carry.

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