4th November 2020: finance.vote has commenced its launch sequence that began on the 3rd of November. The finance.vote launch sequence will continue for a full week until the 11th of November when they will hold the Token Generation Event. 

Since there is a lot of turmoil in the market due to the US Presidential Election, there was a lot of internal debate on whether finance.vote should hold the Token Generation Event on this date. The team at finance.vote decided to postpone the TGE until the 11th of November, and instead, kick-off their launch sequence on the 3rd of this month. 

Now, when finance.vote markets are live, users need to have identity verification tokens to be able to take part in activities within the platform. While the upcoming TGE event is still a week away, finance.vote decided to airdrop a portion of identity verification tokens (NFTs) to their early adopters. The NFTs will grant users access to all voting markets within the finance.vote platform. 


Starting from the 3rd of November up until the 11th, finance.vote platform will be inviting the most active and early adopters to gain their decentralized identity tokens. The first batch of NFTs will be shared between the most engaged and dedicated members of finance.vote community:

  • The top 25 active participants on their Telegram channel (#ParticipationMeansPower)
  • The top 20 questions submitted to their AMA hosted on their Telegram channel (Submit your question here: https://forms.gle/g8ZrxZFvCUkA1tFi7)
  • 25 NFTs will be received by winners drawn from finance.vote’s open whitelist (Sign up for the whitelist draw here: https://forms.gle/R3tQwKAdFnGdovsj9.)
  • Another portion of the NFT pool will go to the winners of finance.vote meme competition
  • In addition, the team will distribute NFTs to other active members according to their participation level

It is worth noting that this is the last chance to get the NFT tokens for free – after the TGE event on the 11th of November, users will only be able to get NFTs through minting them using $FVT. 


In the course of this week, on the 8th of November, finance.vote will hold the Incentivised Test Auction on the Ethereum Ropsen testnet. Thanks to this auction, users will be able to accumulate Ropsten ETH and purchase testnet $FVT tokens via auction.vote. In addition, users, who accumulate the most testnet $FVT during the auction will share a reward pool of $1000 USDT.


Following the Token Generation Event on the 11th of November, finance.vote will also hold the Liquidity Generation Event. Via the auction.vote, the TGE will generate price discovery and determine the listing price of the $FVT token on Uniswap. 

All the ETH tokens collected during the auction will be injected into a Uniswap liquidity pool, thus fueling the liquidity bootstrapping phase of finance.vote network.


Finance.vote is a decentralized application for reaching consensus across the crypto networks. It provides a space for users to engage with market discovery on new and existing tokens and be incentivized to share their perception of future price action.

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Source: bitcoinist.com

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