You could purchase up to 1,578 BTCs for a single dollar on the first website that started selling BTC in 2009

Take a look at the very first website in 2009 that allowed you to buy Bitcoins.

Since the vast majority of you are unlikely to have been exposed to Bitcoin from the beginning, we’ve put together a truly archival experience for you today.

While it is now possible to buy Bitcoin quickly and easily, it looked very different at the start of the Bitcoin age.

You will see the very first website where you could buy in 2009 thanks to an archive photo that we were able to obtain.

NewLibertyStandard was the name of the website, and the process of buying or selling Bitcoin was done through e-mail communication. So, if you’re interested, all you have to do now is send them an email and make a PayPal payment.

On the 28.12.2009, when this screenshot was taken, you could buy up to 1,578 BTCs for one dollar. You can also see the monthly history in the picture, which shows market volatility and, for example, the December 15 bid of up to 1,626 BTCs.

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