Ethereum’s Co-Founder Sells Company And Steps Away From The Cryptocurrency Industry

Anthony Di Iorio, who co-founded Ethereum with Vitalik Buterin, has announced that he would sell his software development company and all of his cryptocurrency holdings and exit the business.

Bloomberg revealed the ambitions of one of the eight co-founders of the second-largest digital currency on the market in today’s article. He plans to sell the Decentral company as well as stop working on bitcoin initiatives.

Di Iorio does not want to be just a “crypto guy” because he enjoys working on complicated challenges. Instead, the entrepreneur stated that he plans to use digital currency only when necessary. Cryptocurrencies and blockchain, as well as other “approaches,” he referred to as “tools” in his armory. However, the entrepreneur believes that tokens represent only a tiny part of what the world requires now.

Di Iorio, together with Joseph Lubin, Gavin Wood, and Charles Hoskinson, was one of the first Bitcoin supporters and was instrumental in the development of Ethereum. However, he suggested that he had chosen to “leave” the sector because of the security concerns with cryptocurrencies and their “risk profile.” According to the entrepreneur, he no longer feels secure in the crypto sector.

Decentral, created by Di Iorio in 2014, has grown into a “hub for decentralized and innovative technologies,” philosophically similar to ConsenSys, a blockchain firm formed by Joseph Lubin, another co-founder of Ethereum. The Jaxx Liberty cryptocurrency wallet is the brainchild of the Decentral team.

The other ETH founders went their separate ways as well. As a result, Charles Hoskinson became the CEO of Cardano, while Gavin Wood established Polkadot, bringing numerous innovative ideas to the sector.

Today, estimating Di Iorio’s approximate status is challenging. Only that he was included in Forbes’ list of billionaires in the summer of 2018. The price of Ethereum fluctuated between $800 and $900 at the time, but it is currently above $1860 on the Binance platform.

Di Iorio already has a strategy in place for the future, establishing a philanthropic foundation being his priority. The billionaire has already met with lawmakers and industry executives to that goal, and he is now recruiting additional staff. In addition, he engaged the aid of a public relations agency to get things done swiftly.

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