According to a poll, the number of Bitcoin investors has more than quadrupled since 2018

According to a recent poll, the number of investors holding BTC in the United States increased from 2% in 2018 to 6% in June 2021.

According to a new poll, Bitcoin has gained substantial momentum among younger U.S. investors regarding knowledge, interest, and ownership during the previous three years. According to a survey performed by global analytics and advisory firm Gallup, the number of investors in the United States who own Bitcoin has increased from 2% in 2018 to 6% in June 2021.

Bitcoin has grown in popularity among people of all ages.

Adults with $10,000 or more invested in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds are defined as “investors” in the study. The report also found that Bitcoin ownership among investors under 50 has more than tripled in the last three years, from 3% in 2018 to 13% in 2019. The right of the over 50s category of investors was significantly smaller, at only 3%, albeit this had grown threefold from 1% in 2018. The researchers also pointed out that Bitcoin has comparatively low ownership among adults in the United States compared to other mainstream assets. Eighty-four percent of those questioned said they had invested in stock index funds or mutual funds, while 67 percent said they just had individual stocks, and 50 percent said they had bonded.

Bitcoin is no longer seen as a high-risk investment.

The survey also discovered that people’s perceptions of Bitcoin‘s danger had decreased during the last three years. Nearly all investors polled thought the top cryptocurrency was a risky investment, although the number who said it was “perilous” has dropped from 75% to 60%. The majority of the remaining 35% now believe it to be “somewhat risky,” with only 5% believing it to be risk-free. Major Bitcoin investors like Square, Tesla, and Morgan Stanley, according to Gallup, give it greater mainstream legitimacy.

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