MicroStrategy Purchased Bitcoins Once Again — 3,907 BTC for $177 Million

  • Michael Saylor tweets that MicroStrategy bought more Bitcoin.
  • MicroStrategy just bought an additional 3,907 Bitcoin at the price of $177 million.
  • The firm now holds a total of 108,992 Bitcoins.

Founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor made a recent tweet on Twitter saying that the company has bought an additional 3,907 Bitcoins. This purchase cost them $177 million in cash. That makes it about an average price of $45,294 in cash per Bitcoin.

As of today, the firm holds a total of 108,992  bitcoins. For this collection so far, the company has spent a total of $2.918 billion. This brings the price of each of their bitcoins at an average of $26,769 per BTC.

MicroStrategy is presently the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence firm with the leading enterprise analytics platform. More so, MicroStrategy has been on a massive Bitcoin purchase rampage. More so, the firm believes that 2021 is the grand year for Bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin purchasing spree started off in December 2020 with an initial $650 million BTC purchase.

In terms of Bitcoin market position based on market capitalization, Bitcoin continues to be the king of cryptocurrency. Consequently, the market capitalization of the crypto amounts to over $912 billion.

Moreover, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency is now being acknowledged by more firms around the world. For this reason, we can say that Bitcoin has a huge potential to be the future of the payment system in the world.

Today, the price of BTC swings between $49.4k to $49.8k with a 30-day growth rate of over +35.3%.


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