MISO, SushiSwap’s token launchpad, was hacked for $3 million

The attacker was able to take 864.8 ETH from the SushiSwap project’s MISO platform, which is over $3 million at Huobi’s current exchange rate. On his Twitter account, SushiSwap CTO Joseph Delong revealed the news.

Delong immediately reported the event, emphasizing that MISO’s supply chain was under assault. A hacker using the alias AristoK3 could insert malicious code into MISO’s external interface while also altering the auction wallet’s bitcoin address to his own. As a result, Jay Pegs Auto Mart’s fundraising goal of 864.8 Ethereum was met.

The Jay Pegs Auto Mart resource was developed just for the sale of NFT Kia Sedona 2007. The eponymous Twitter account was assigned. The participants were alerted of the forthcoming sale. The MISO platform was used to acquire these strangely titled, non-fungible tokens on DEX SushiSwap. A total of 10,000 NFTs were created, with DONA Reservation Tokens being used to acquire each one.

Of course, the NFT giveaway did not suggest that they were accompanied by actual automobiles. It’s simply that the “joke’s” organizers saw the Kia Sedona as a solid asset, citing the fact that more than half of the 40,493 vehicles sold in the United States in 2007 are still on the road.

SushiSwap was able to identify the hacker’s other social networks a short time afterward. The attacker was identified as @eratos1122, who formerly worked with Yearn.Finance and assisted several cryptocurrency projects with different difficulties, including those connected to security.

The initiative would not persuade the hacker to provide the money in a friendly manner, as several friends in the business had done previously. Instead, he was threatened that unless the monies were restored within a specific amount of time, SushiSwap workers would resort to the FBI, handing the matter to Anderson Kill’s attorneys.

The hacker eventually chose to refund the money in numerous transactions after some time had passed. According to Etherscan, he initially sent 100 ETH to the SushiSwap wallet, then the majority of the 700 ETH, and finally the last 65 ETH one hour later. Following that, the project’s claims were withdrawn, and SushiSwap’s CTO congratulated the hacker in response to his confession tweet. He was also handed 1 DONA token as a “reward,” which entitles him to one of 10,000 NFTs. The giveaway will take place on September 21st, according to Jay Pegs Auto Mart.

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