At the Warsaw airport, the former head of the Russian crypto-exchange Wex was seized

Dmitry Vasiliev, the ex-CEO of Wex, formerly known as BTC-e until 2017, was apprehended by Polish authorities at Warsaw Airport. The BBC’s Russian service announced this.

Wex, a cryptocurrency exchange, is a shadow trading site for laundering cash gained through cryptography hacking and other criminal acts. The Mt.Gox event was one of the most high-profile examples in which a trial was discovered that led to this platform.

Vasiliev is virtuous under Polish law, although he was prosecuted for fraud in Kazakhstan. In addition, one of Wex’s investors had previously filed a complaint with local law enforcement agencies, alleging that exchange officials had stolen $20,000 from him. As a result, representatives from both nations are currently interested in discussing the possibility of the ex-CEO of the crypto exchange being extradited. Vasiliev was detained in August, but news of his detention surfaced yesterday in the local newspaper Wyborcza.

As an operator of BTC-e before it was shut down in 2017 following the commitment of the trading platform’s creator Alexander Vinnik, Vasiliev is suspected of assisting Chinese investors in trading unlawfully obtained cryptocurrency. Over six years, he was found guilty of laundering more than $4 billion in Bitcoin. Vinnik had already been imprisoned in Greece and had become a defendant in a US investigation.

After Vinnik’s imprisonment, the exchange “rebranded” and became known as Wex, with Dmitry Vasiliev as its leader. With over $80 million in turnover, the platform is firmly established among the top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges. However, Binance quickly denied it listed Wex for frequent currency laundering, resulting in its collapse and the loss of $450 million in accounts.

Vasiliev was originally held by Italian police in 2019 but was soon released owing to a mistake in the businessman’s extradition request. However, he is now being held at the Warsaw detention center. His arrest was imposed for 40 days by the district court, and he is awaiting a decision from the prosecutor’s office on possible extradition.

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