Three more crypto assets have been added to Deutsche Borse’s investment portfolio

VanEck wants to list Tron, Solana, and Polkadot on the Deutsche Borse stock exchange, according to a recent report. On September 21, 2021, the new Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) will begin trading. Furthermore, the assets constitute an addition to the big stock exchange’s other cryptocurrencies.

What is the significance of SOL, DOT, and TRON?

At the time of writing, there are 9355 cryptocurrencies in the digital asset economy. Solana, Tron, and Polkadot qualified for the VanEck listing out of all of these virtual currencies. The three digital assets satisfy a series of criteria, making them eligible for European investors.

The currencies’ accessibility on exchanges, use cases, and reputation are only a few aspects. In addition, the development team and the transaction volume of the three assets are taken into account throughout the listing process.

Solana, for example, is the world’s fastest blockchain network. Over 400 decentralized apps, including NFTs, DeFi, and Web3, are hosted on the project. Users may utilize Solana to take advantage of a decentralized network with cheaper trade costs.

The second asset, Polkadot (DOT), is now trading at $28.91. Developers and users can utilize the virtual asset to access blockchain services. Polkadot allows the integration of other blockchain networks, in addition to providing quicker transactions and security.

Tron’s services are similar to those offered by Polkadot and Solana. However, the digital asset is a third-generation blockchain that allows faster transaction times and lower transaction costs.

ETN Listings in the Past

Other digital assets traded on the Deutsche Borse include Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. In July 2020, BTC listed under the name 21 shares Bitcoin ETP.

According to the CEO of VanECK, no one can predict which assets will be significant in 10 years. As a result, VanECK’s CEO believes that investors should be able to choose from a larger range of investment currencies.

At the moment, Europeans have access to nearly 18 digital assets, increasing the visibility of crypto adoption. Increased involvement in the crypto sphere and a clear route to clear regulatory measures are possible due to the exposure.

The Deutsche Börse is a German stock exchange

The Deutsche Börse is a European exchange that facilitates financial transactions. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the Xetra trading environment are among the platforms it controls. The Deutsche Börse and the London Stock Exchange merged their services in 2016.

The $30 billion agreement was struck in an attempt to become Europe’s largest exchange operator. Deutsche Borse is headquartered in three countries: Germany, Switzerland, and Luxembourg. Borse’s worldwide marketplace has almost 11,000 businesses in total.

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