Twitter users on iOS may now get Bitcoin Tips

Users of the official Twitter iOS mobile app may now receive Bitcoin-equivalent cryptocurrency donations.

Owners of Apple devices may now make use of this feature. To accept cryptocurrencies, the user must link their profile to a third-party service, such as CashApp. The Lightning Network will be used to process any donations made in the equivalent of digital money.

In addition, the popular social network team revealed the impending incorporation of non-fungible token verification features. According to Twitter officials, this will be one of the pivotal milestones in the evolution of the digitization of art trend, of which avatars on social media are one form. However, no precise dates for the addition of the NFT verification capability have been announced.

The option to send donations in the equivalent of digital currencies will be available on Android shortly, but the team has chosen not to reveal a specific release date. Twitter does not charge content creators commissions or a part of their earnings. Depending on the area, the payment choices for “gratuity” will differ from nation to country. The only exceptions will be Bitcoin and Lightning, which will function independently of the content author’s or fan’s location.

We’ll recall that in June, Jack Dorsey stated that the Lightning Network‘s integration of Bitcoin payments “is simply a matter of time.” He was also one of the initial investors in Lightning Labs’ $2.5 million kick-off financing round in 2018.

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