A major international airport in Venezuela is preparing to accept Bitcoin payments

According to local news site Ei Siglo, Maiqueta International Airport, Venezuela’s main international airport, will start accepting digital currency purchases.

According to the director, Freddy Borges, the airport is creating a new payment system that will allow passengers to pay for tickets and other services using Bitcoin, Dash, and Petro, the country’s native cryptocurrency backed by oil deposits.

Borges went on to say that the SUNACRIP, or the National Superintendence of Cryptoassets and Related Activities, will oversee the new payment system. In addition, the Maiqueta airport promises to raise its worldwide standards by accepting crypto payments and supporting the acceptance and use of digital currencies in the country.

The director also highlighted how Russian and European visitors are increasingly entering the nation through the airport. “We must develop in these new economic and technical systems that may be accessible” as more foreigners join the nation.

Venezuela’s cryptocurrency usage is increasing.

Since the imposition of the US sanctions, digital currencies have become the most popular and reliable form of remittance for most Venezuelans. The pace of crypto adoption has increased considerably as more people embrace bitcoin to combat the country’s hyperinflationary effects.

In response to growing interest in cryptocurrency among Venezuelans, the central bank announced intentions to introduce the country’s digital currency by October to supplement the country’s current fiat currency. In addition, the CBDC was built to enable an SMS-based exchange, making transactions and payments for residents more efficient and easy.

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