Tampa’s mayor will take Bitcoin as payment

With cryptocurrency’s popularity growing by the day, people and businesses are increasingly opting to invest in various digital assets. For example, Mayor Jane Castor of Tampa Bay has indicated that she will take Bitcoin for her salary. According to many news outlets, she revealed this during her speech at the Bitcoin and Blockchain Summit in Florida. On the second day of the Summit, held at the Amalie Arena, Caster stated that her future earnings would be paid in cryptocurrency.

At a Florida gathering, an announcement was made

According to the information acquired, the mayor’s Bitcoin payments would be supervised by Celsius Network, one of the market’s major crypto giants.

After self-proclaimed Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano stated that four mayors had chosen to accept their salary in the digital currency, the news spread like wildfire on Twitter. Pompliano advised inhabitants of the United States whose mayors had not boarded the train to ask them if they support the asset now or later.

The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, indicated that he would get a portion of his salary in Bitcoin, prompting this move. Suarez became the first lawmaker in the United States to get at least a portion of his pay in cryptocurrency. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York, recently declared that the digital asset would be used to pay his first three salaries.

Bitcoin reaches an all-time high amid widespread acceptance

Both Francis Suarez and Adams have long been supporters of cryptocurrency, with both mayors indicating that they plan to establish crypto centers in their respective towns. In addition, Adams told citizens after his victory was certified that he wanted the city to be renowned as a crypto hub.

‘Things are always big across New York, and following this, I will accept Bitcoin payments for my first three paychecks as mayor of New York,’ Adams tweeted.

He also worked to make the city the fastest-growing crypto hub and implement other innovations during his tenure. As a result, despite experiencing periods of turbulence throughout the year, the greatest digital asset reached a fresh high late last month.

It is currently trading much above $60,000, with much of its price success owing to the asset’s widespread adoption by regulators worldwide. Not only are regulators, investors, and people rallying behind the asset, which is currently attempting to replicate the price movement of late last year.

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