The crypto exchange Chatex’s investor funds have been blocked

Chatex, a cryptocurrency converter, has declared a temporary halt to financial transactions on its platform due to an investigation by US agencies into the firm and the sanctions levied against it.

Chatex is an alter ego of the previously sanctioned crypto exchanger Suex, whose actions were linked to the transfer of unlawfully acquired cash, according to a US Treasury employee.

As a result, few people were shocked when, following the Suex ruling, Chatex was quickly placed under the “gun” of US government agencies.

According to Chatex, the US Department of Justice is pursuing one of the company’s early donors. Because the allegations against him also apply to the cryptocurrency exchanger and all of the services in which he invested, Chatex’s management was compelled to put all activities on hold for the time being.

In addition, the previously announced token sale of the CHTX exchange’s cryptocurrency has been canceled owing to US Treasury Department penalties. According to a statement on the Chatex website, such a move proved challenging, but it was the only reasonable option under the current scenario.

At the same time, according to the customer care staff, investors‘ assets are safe. However, users will not be able to withdraw their cash owing to the asset transfer prohibition, which will remain in place until the circumstances and specifics of the legal procedure are clarified.

The exchange’s customer service staff also stated that they are already looking to restore clients’ access to their funds. However, at the same time, he is unable to offer any details on the timetable.

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