According to a crypto analyst, Ethereum shows a bullish picture despite high fees

  • Despite its hefty cost, Ethereum continues to portray an optimistic picture.
  • According to Davis, the much-anticipated PoS will fix all of ETH’s high-cost difficulties.

Lark Davis, a crypto trader, and analyst is particularly optimistic about Bitcoin’s competitor Ethereum (ETH). Regardless of the present high gas charge problem plaguing the Ethereum network, he believes ETH still has a huge picture to be positive.

He went on to say that the ETH fee is one of the difficulties plaguing the market but that people shouldn’t dismiss it. Instead, Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) will soon solve all of these high gas charge difficulties, based on how layer-two technology has geared up to deliver a huge answer.

Davis is even more convinced this time that the yet-to-be-deployed PoS consensus method will give a straightforward answer to the Ethereum network’s exorbitant costs. Without a doubt, this will occur shortly to increase the speed of the Ethereum network and everyday transactions.

He said that many people are irritated about Ethereum, and he understands why: fees are a pain. But he wouldn’t bet against ETH, with layer twos expanding and proof of stake on the way. If in doubt, zoom out; despite the present fee crisis, the overall picture for ETH remains quite favorable.

In addition to what Davis stated, the PoS technology will be proactive in restoring sanity and smoothing out transactions for everyone holding ETH.

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