DappRadar intends to establish its token

DappRadar, a Lithuanian cryptocurrency analytics company, aims to transition to a decentralized business model and issue its RADAR coin. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any word on when the game will be released. It is known, however, that it is utilized to facilitate Web 3.0 management.

Remember that DappRadar tracks and analyzes data from the DApp and NFT marketplaces, enabling you to concentrate on high-quality investment goods while putting together your portfolio.

The platform was launched in 2018 and has since attracted investors from all across the world. The company’s analytical materials allow for gathering information on the state of the market and the chances for investing in specific projects.

Currently, DappRadar monitors 8,300 DApps and 27 protocols. The audience for the service is estimated to be over 4 million individuals. Approximately 600,000 of them utilize the information daily (monthly).

In a recent interview, DappRadar’s CEO discussed his thoughts on the chances for the transition to a decentralized governance paradigm. They are, he claims, analyzing decentralized initiatives daily. Maintaining centralization ourselves would be ridiculous.

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