In 2021, Bitcoin will not be worth $100,000 – what is the prediction for 2022?

According to several analysts, Bitcoin was expected to reach six digits by the end of 2021. But, with Bitcoin hovering above $50,000 as we approach January, what does the apex cryptocurrency have in store for 2022?

Throughout 2021, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have had a wild ride. However, since ordinary investors seek high yields that aren’t available in the traditional banking sector, the trend has largely remained rising.

Yesterday, Business Insider released a piece on what some of the industry’s brightest lights believe will happen in 2022 when events like legislation, the metaverse, and mainstream acceptance play out.

According to Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, growing popular awareness and improved regulatory clarity should present a positive view for Bitcoin in 2022. He claims that all you need to know about the king of cryptos is to look at the 10-year chart.

NFTs will be particularly important in 2022, according to him, when use cases such as “provenance monitoring, borrowing, and lending” become more widely established.

Kyle Samani, a managing partner of Multicoin Capital, believes that the tops for BTC, ETH, and SOL are still not in. Samani’s next bear market will not be the same extent as the last one, which occurred in 2017. He claims that this time “everything works” and that there is “actual value,” as opposed to last year when most initiatives were merely whitepapers that had not been realized.

Given Fed tightening and Covid variant uncertainty, Armando Aguilar, vice president of digital-asset strategy at Fundstrat Global Advisors, is wary about crypto. He does, however, believe Bitcoin will hit $100,000 in the first part of 2022.

He also predicts that Ethereum will hit $9000 and that initiatives including the Metaverse, NFTs, and gaming guilds will continue to flourish.

Crypto is expected to outperform traditional assets, according to Mike McGlone, the senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence.

Traditional asset managers will be forced to buy crypto assets as their popularity grows, according to the expert, to avoid the danger of not having them in their portfolios.

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