Airbnb may add support for cryptocurrency payments later this year

Brian Chesky, the co-founder and CEO of global vacation rental platform Airbnb asked his Twitter followers for fresh ideas for new services the firm may launch this year, and after getting over 4,000 responses, he discovered that bitcoin payments were a top request.

Chesky tweeted the findings, saying that the bitcoin payment idea was followed by clear price displays, a guest loyalty program, updated cleaning fees, and improved customer service, among other things.

The CEO stated that the company is currently working on some of these new services and is looking at others in a follow-up.

The business’s CEO stated that the cryptocurrency payment option includes a wide range of token concepts and that the company has processed $336 billion in payments since 2013.

In a September interview with Fox Business, Chesky said that clients had been pushing Airbnb to take bitcoin payments for several years, noting that the CEO of prominent U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Brian Armstrong, formerly worked at the company.

Airbnb went public in 2020 with an initial public offering (IPO), stating that its “future success” will be determined by its use of technology such as cryptocurrencies and the blockchain that underpins them.

The platform purchased the team behind cryptocurrency tipping service ChangeTip in 2016, but stated at the time that it would not accept bitcoin as a payment mechanism. Several Airbnb rivals, notably blockchain native Dtravel, allow bitcoin payments.

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