Bitcoin to be Added to Fidelity’s ETFs in Canada

The financial management firm has revealed crypto assistance for Canadian clients.

In an official news release, Fidelity Investments’ Canadian branch announced the inclusion of Bitcoin in their All-in-One ETF products. In addition, to broaden its client base, the organization has opted to support cryptocurrency.

To account for Bitcoin’s unpredictable characteristics, the company is allocating a percentage of Bitcoin into its All-in-One Growth ETF and All-in-One Balance ETF funds, as well as modifying its risk label from “low-to-medium” to “medium.”

According to Nicole Abbott, a Fidelity spokeswoman, the market’s need for a more diverse set of goods offering exposure to digital assets to match demand has emphasized the market’s need for a more diversified set of products offering exposure to digital assets.

The development is especially encouraging after attempts to expand the usage of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States were thwarted by tighter regulations.

Even though Fidelity has previously been renowned for its crypto support, the formal move toward broader adoption is another piece of evidence for the market that cryptocurrencies and their acceptance are on the rise.

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