On the GMT Data Centre, the GMT Token team is ready to implement a new approach for miners’ equipment

Although the team has not acknowledged anything, it has been revealed that GMT Token is contemplating revisions to the project in 2022. Furthermore, the GMT token team will introduce miners’ equipment from other market players straight into their mining ecosystem to reveal a wide spectrum of crypto mining activities in the market.

Through this streamlined approach, GMT is intended to provide an appropriate location for miners to store their equipment in the data center. As previously said, the corporation will boost this with a massive effort under strict control, utilizing its crypto-mining capability. Miners will be compensated with GMT tokens in proportion to the token supply capacity.

It’s worth noting that a portion of the incentivized tokens will be burnt after the distribution. Following that, the newly released capacity will be allocated to all current tokens in circulation. As a result, each token’s supply capacity and mining potential will expand exponentially over time.

Furthermore, the GMT coin will be an inaugural crypto project to unify the GMT mining participants, thanks to a third-party mining participant. With this new plan, the supply capacity and value of the GMT token are predicted to expand to $1.5 in the next 12 months, assuming all other factors remain constant.

This will help the corporation reach its goal of controlling 20% of worldwide Bitcoin mining by the end of the year. Other industry mining firms in the market will support GMT in order to achieve this goal. On the other hand, GMT will be a pioneer contributor to the world’s geographical hashrate by employing 20% of the BTC mining hashrate.

This is why the GMT token corporation did not immediately shift to the Binance exchange when it first launched. More importantly, the company stated that they are working hard to be listed on the world’s most prestigious market. GMT will ensure that it meets all of the requirements to be listed on Binance. It aspires to reach this developmental milestone in digital finance as soon as possible.

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