Harmony introduces the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT Passport

The new NFT Passports announced live at ETH Denver, will also permit cross-chain transactions.

Harmony, whose mainnet relies on the Ethereum network and claims to have two-second transaction finality and costs 1,000 times cheaper than Ethereum, announced the introduction of the Bored Ape Yacht Club Passport on Friday. Users may use the Passport to import proof of their apes into DeFi Kingdoms, a play-to-earn game based on the Harmony blockchain that has over 120,000 monthly active users. When Ape holders link their MetaMask wallet to DeFi Kingdoms during its early phases, they will be able to validate and show their assets in the game across various blockchains.

Because cross-chain technology is still in its infancy, monies may be in danger while crossing across chains, as demonstrated by the largest decentralized financial breach this year. Harmony’s Passport, on the other hand, as claimed by its developers, does not shift assets; rather, it validates asset ownership across various blockchains, ensuring their legitimacy throughout. In addition, horizon, its cross-chain bridge, now allows for interoperability between Harmony, Ethereum, BNB Chain, and three additional blockchains.

In a similar vein, Twitter launched its nonfungible token campaign last month, enabling its premium customers to display their NFT belongings as profile images. However, the feature’s technical functions are still in testing, with only Ethereum-based NFTs eligible and no support for cross-chain features.

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