Axie Infinity Aims for a 25% Upswing by Piercing Through These Critical Zones to Reach a 3-Digit Figure Soon!

Since the early trading hours, the Axie Infinity price has shown significant upward momentum at frequent intervals. However, upon reaching a certain resistance level, the AXS price plummeted precipitously, putting enormous selling pressure on the market. While under these conditions, the price is projected to fall to lower support shortly. However, a significant drop may stall the recovery for a bit, but the asset is highly bullish in the long run.

AXS’s price had fallen below $46 just a few days prior and quickly recovered, sparking a 36 percent increase. The AXS, on the other hand, attempted to break past key support at $55.11 but has since retreated slightly. If buyers amass in greater numbers, the next barrier at $59.06 may be severely breached. This might put the bull’s strength to the test, resulting in a bearish reversal.

During the latest rise, the AXS price sought to range high, slicing through the crucial price zones. However, soon after reaching these levels. The asset got off to a good start with a robust consolidation. This was essentially necessary to preserve the rally’s vigor, which might significantly lift the north. To do so, the AXS price must first clear key critical thresholds. The first level of local resistance is $55, and the second level is $59. Once these levels are reached, the rally may explode past $60, putting it on a collision course with the critical barrier.

Collectively, the AXS price might skyrocket by 40 percent. However, if the price fails to hold above $51.48, the bears may give up their gains. In a significant negative move, the $45 levels may be tested. However, the trend that is kindling a downtrend may finally generate a lower bottom, tipping the scales in favor of bears and invalidating all optimistic forecasts.

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