Recent Sandbox collaborations may result in a $5 price increase

  • SAND collaborated with well-known global platforms.
  • Sandbox retains its top 50 market position.
  • SAND may reach $5 in no time.

The Sandbox (SAND), an NFT and metaverse network, has taken center stage in the crypto industry as it continues to expand its worldwide reach. In particular, SAND has been observed collaborating with some of the world’s most important worldwide platforms. For example, the SHIBUYA109 Entertainment Corporation is one of the SAND network’s most recent collaborations.

SHIBUYA109 and SAND’s partnership seeks to provide an engaging atmosphere for everyone to enjoy the finest of virtual worlds. Furthermore, with Cube Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment firm, SAND enters the Asian mainstream. It will introduce Korean culture to the rest of the globe while maintaining a virtual area and generating digital assets.

SAND is still one of the premier NFT and metaverse platforms in terms of market position. It has a massive market valuation of over $3.4 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of around $700 million. Moreover, the monies moving inside the network allow the cryptocurrency to keep its place as one of the top 50 cryptos on the market.

On the other hand, crypto’s recent aggressive performances in the business have significantly influenced its market price. If this trend continues, SAND might hit a peak price of $5 in no time, only +65% higher than its present position. This news will undoubtedly thrill and enthrall the space community.

SAND is currently trading at a reasonable $3.09 per share, with a year-to-date growth rate of about +1000%.

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