Opera now supports eight additional blockchains

Opera, the popular browser, now supports eight different blockchains. This browser is appropriate for the Web3 era because it concentrates on cryptocurrency.

According to experts, several Ethereum sidechains and other popular networks for interfacing with decentralized apps are among the supported blockchains.

According to the blog post, Polygon was chosen because of its cheap gas prices, best paired with the Ethereum network’s security and decentralization.

Opera users will gain access to the ETH network’s 7,000 Dapps. Using decentralized applications will be as simple as hitting a few buttons.

Other blockchains were picked for their environmentally friendly mining and user popularity. Solana, StarkEx, Nervos, Ronin, IXO, and Bitcoin are among the supported networks. In addition, browser users will be able to visit DEXs such as Radium, NFT markets, and other websites.

Opera will increase the number of users by introducing additional blockchains. There are presently over 200 mobile users. Due to the popularity of Web3 projects, this figure will rapidly increase.

The news was well-received by digital assets. Each day, the price of Solana and Polygon cryptocurrency grew by 4% and 8%, respectively.

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