CryptoKicks, the first Ethereum NFT Metaverse sneakers – A collaboration between Nike and RTFKT Studios

Nike has teamed up with RTFKT Studios, which it purchased in December 2021, to release the first Ethereum NFT metaverse wearable sneakers.

The NFT (non-fungible token) shoes are now available for purchase, and they come with a style-changing Skin Vial NFT for customization. The Nike Dunk design, which was originally popularized as basketball shoes in the 1980s and later became a mainstay of the skating culture, is the inspiration for these new NFT goods from Nike. Given RTFKT Studios’ important position as the first firm to introduce digital sneakers as NFT assets, Nike’s December acquisition of the design studio was critical to manufacturing the Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks.

The NFT shoes are meant as digitally wearable goods that may be utilized in metaverse realms, with various styles accessible through the Skin Vials, another set of collecting NFTs. RTFKT’s MNLTH Ethereum NFTs were made available through free airdrops for holders of RTFKT’s CloneX PFP (profile picture) NFTs, and other NFTs issued earlier this year, the first wave of CryptoKicks designer shoes.

The collection has a floor price of 2.7 ETH on OpenSea at writing, with over 2,600 owners and counting. The NFT shoes were released after a series of tasks was created for collectors to accomplish to get access to the NFT vaults. RTFKT has also revealed that they will introduce a new quest series that will unlock MNLTH 2 vaults later this year. Each CryptoKicks NFT purchased is also meant to evolve in qualities over time according to the “evolution route,” a set of upgradeable choices.

Nike’s first-ever Ethereum NFTs are the outcome of a multi-year endeavor in which the company initially tried to break into the digital asset industry by filing a patent for CryptoKicks, a blockchain-based system for matching digital assets to real items.

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