Wikipedia will no longer accept cryptocurrency donations due to environmental and other concerns

The news comes after 71.2% of the Wikimedia community voted to support a petition to discontinue accepting cryptocurrencies.

Following a three-month debate in which the environmental effect of bitcoin was an important discussion topic, Wikimedia, the non-profit foundation that operates Wikipedia, has decided to cease accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Accepting donations in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether signals endorsement of digital coins, which are “inherently predatory” as investments and don’t align with the foundation’s commitment to environmental sustainability, according to a proposal from contributor Molly White, who goes by the user name GorillaWarfare.

232 to 94, or 71.17%, of the fewer than 400 people who voted in favor of no longer accepting bitcoin, excluding new accounts and unregistered individuals.

White suggested that accepting cryptocurrency payments may harm Wikipedia’s reputation, citing Mozilla’s decision to stop taking cryptocurrency donations earlier this year.

Wikimedia uses BitPay to take bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether. White emphasized bitcoin and ether’s high energy requirements while also pointing out that there are alternative “eco-friendly” cryptocurrencies, but they are less extensively utilized.

Crypto miners have been accused of polluting the environment by utilizing massive computer power to confirm transactions via PoW.

On the other hand, Miners have been aggressively combating such criticism by employing more environmentally friendly energy sources in their mining operations. Furthermore, proponents of bitcoin claim that miners can aid in the transition to renewable energy.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum network has been striving to migrate to a “Proof of Stake” architecture for verifying transactions, which requires less energy, though the shift has been slow.

Wikimedia has kept the possibility of restarting crypto acceptance on the table, stating it will continue to watch the situation.

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