Quantum-based Random Number Generator Launched for Web3 Games and Wallets

The first Quantum Random Number Generator has been launched by researchers from Australia National University and AP13, a blockchain oracle service (QRNG).

Web3 organizations will be able to use a completely unpredictable random number generating system that is both secure and free to use due to the collaboration.

Random number generators aren’t new, but the QRNG system is the first to use quantum mechanics to generate a random number. This is the first genuinely random number process, as opposed to the present pseudo-mathematical systems, which may be manipulated or reproduced.

Gambling and lotteries, sports and competitions, and sampling and statistics are examples of conventional random numbers applications. As more businesses embrace Web3, a tamper-proof, genuine random number generator that is not dependent on third parties will be necessary.


API3’s QRNG generates numbers by measuring random quantum fluctuations in phase and amplitude of an electromagnetic field in a vacuum to ensure unpredictable unpredictability.

Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Avalanche, Optimism, Polygon, Fantom, and Moonbeam are among the 13 blockchains for which the technology is now available as an application programming interface (API). The service is free to use. However, there will be a small network fee for using the API.

Games that rely on a degree of randomness and unpredictability to keep players engaged, such as Web3 and Metaverse gaming, could be one of the largest benefits of such a system.


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