A recent hack assault targeted Axie Infinity’s discord bot

Axie Infinity, a popular play-to-earn blockchain game, tweeted to warn players of a new hacking attempt utilizing their discord bot Mee6. According to the company, hackers exploited their discord bot to send out fake mint alerts. According to the team, users were also warned to be wary of similar messages anytime they opened their Discord accounts.

On May 18, the Axie Infinity team announced on Twitter that its discord bot Mee6 had been hijacked, causing the bot to issue fake mint declarations. The team explained the entire situation, claiming that the hackers exploited the bot to get access to a fake Jiho account, which was then used to send out phony mint alerts.

It’s worth mentioning that the system’s notifications have been disabled. Users were advised to be cautious if they came across such controversial comments. Furthermore, the staff informed consumers that they were doing all necessary to avoid such incidents.

Mee6 is a discord bot that automates communication and allows discord servers to send messages to other community members on demand. The bot is typically used to send out periodic messages or reminders and assign tasks to users depending on their preferences. By altering the Mee6 bot permissions, the hackers allegedly attempted to install counterfeit Jiho account credentials.

Axie team on the hacking attempt

According to the Axie business, the Mee6 hacking operation was not unique, as several crypto projects had been attacked in the past.

The team also expressed gratitude to its users for trusting the organization.

Furthermore, the company told consumers that security is a top priority and always utilizes the most advanced security solutions available.

More from the Mee6 team stated that they had not detected any unusual behavior from their bot. The team later denied the hacking allegations on Twitter, claiming that they had not been the object of any recent hacker efforts.

Axie Infinity has previously been the victim of many hacking attempts, the most recent of which was the Axie-Ronin breach, which lost the Axie Team over $600 million.

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