In WEB3.0 projects, UAE authorities want to penalize murder

The United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Al has proposed criminal culpability for murder in initiatives involving the Metaverse.

According to Omar Sultan Al Olama, the department’s chairman, criminal accountability for offenses committed in the virtual world is required. The issue is the metaverses‘ great realism, in which life is remarkably comparable to that of the real world. As a result, with various distinct ways at their disposal, varied attackers can easily terrify avatar owners.

According to the ministry, sending a message on WhatsApp or any other messenger can be frightening, but it is unlikely to create post-traumatic stress. Killing an avatar in the Metaverse‘s realistic setting, on the other hand, might elicit a very different response.

In this regard, worldwide standards must be developed that are applicable regardless of jurisdiction. They should act, as should the laws against drug trafficking and child pornography distribution. It may use the same rating system as movies, music, and other forms of media.

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