Cardano and Ethereum blockchains have launched a USDC bridge

The Iagon project has released a bridge on the Milkomeda sidechain that will allow USDC coins to be transferred from the Cardano blockchain to Ethereum and vice versa.

The user links an Ethereum-based stablecoin to the Milkomeda bridge and then transfers it to the Cardano blockchain, where USDC becomes the network’s asset. You must have four MilkAda tokens in your wallet to make an exchange, as the bridge cannot function without them.

The bridge is currently being evaluated. It can, however, be used to convert Iagon (IAG) tokens right now. Then, they can be moved from the Ethereum blockchain to the Cardano network (ERC-20 standard) and vice versa.

This bridge’s presence is significant on a worldwide scale. As a result, the two blockchains will be compatible, and Dapps from one network will be able to run on the other.

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