Developers may use Kriptomat to make Web3 a reality

Kriptomat has released a set of tools to help developers onboard clients to their blockchain-based apps and services.

Innovative teams are working on digital building blocks, protocols, and standards — computer code – to enable Web3 and the metaverse worldwide.

But there’s a snag. Users who want to access a DeFi app, create in-game NFT avatars, or spend money on a staking service’s website must first bridge the gap between today’s offline financial realities and the new blockchain-based digital asset ecosystem. If potential consumers don’t have any money on the blockchain, even the most sophisticated Web3 app will fail.

The white-label API and widget from KriptoRamp

KriptoRamp is a simple widget that may be added to a website or an application. Customers may purchase and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies using the widget. The widget handles security, EU Know Your Customer standards, and even credit card chargebacks.

KriptoRamp is a great option for any business that relies on a cryptocurrency-owning consumer base. A publisher of online video games, for example, may employ KriptoRamp as part of the registration process to allow game players to participate in the in-game token economy.

With just a few lines of code, the widget can be installed on any website or app in minutes.

The Kriptomat Cryptocurrency Exchange White Label API is designed for more complex projects. Developers may use the API to include a comprehensive cryptocurrency exchange with their branding on their websites and apps. Customers may purchase, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies and employ powerful yet user-friendly investment and portfolio management tools.

Cryptocurrencies and tokens, centralized crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, games, mining pools, NFT platforms, portfolio trackers, crypto-to-crypto swap services, and more are among the apps and projects that now employ Kriptomat onramp capabilities.

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