200 Limited-Edition Watches from Hublot Are Now Available for Bitcoin Purchase

On June 21st, Hublot announced that 200 new limited-edition luxury timepieces would be available for online purchase using selected cryptocurrencies through BitPay.

Hublot Limited Edition Watches That Are “Crypto Friendly”

According to the firm, customers will be able to shop using a few other cryptocurrencies using BitPay exclusively on the Hublot United States eBoutique. They continued by introducing the 200-piece limited edition new BigBangUnico Essential Grey, which is only sold online at

The CEO of Hublot, Ricardo Guadalupe, claimed that marketing the timepieces online will highlight the value of e-commerce. Fans, prospective customers, and collectors, in his opinion, have an equal opportunity to get that wonderful and uncommon new model.

Exclusively through the Hublot US eBoutique, the new Big Bang Unico Essential Grey will cost roughly $21,800. (20,700 euro). At the price at which the leading cryptocurrency is now trading, that amounts to slightly more than one complete Bitcoin.

The brand-new Big Bang Unico Essential Grey looks satin-finished and is both fashionable and sophisticated. Due to titanium’s minimal weight, the distinctive casing also includes the bezel, hands, and dial.

Hublot can be regarded as one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency in Haute horology. The business unveiled the Meca-10 P2P watch in 2018 to commemorate Bitcoin’s 10th birthday. Only Bitcoin could be used to purchase it, which was priced at $25,000.

The Swiss company later worked with digital asset platform Ledger to launch a limited-edition watch called Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger early this year. The watch had a stunning monochrome face that honored Bitcoin by mentioning electrum and coins.

The Big Bang of Hublot History was changed forever by Unico Ledger. It was the first watch to combine top-notch crypto technology and excellent watchmaking flawlessly.

Luxury Watchmakers Are Considering Web3

The development comes after TAG Heuer, another high-end Swiss wristwatch, revealed in May that it will accept cryptocurrency payments for all online orders made through its US website.

TAG Heuer stated that BitPay is a partner in their cryptocurrency payment option. Twelve digital currencies will be included, including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and five stablecoins tethered to the dollar.

This business revealed that accepting bitcoin payments will be its entry point into Web3, as well as the widespread adoption of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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